Major Equipment Replacement

345/115/69kV breaker, Transformer & Relay Panel Replacements



LUZCO performed several aged oil circuit breaker replacement projects to replace outdated oil circuit breakers with new circuit breakers and replace aging transformers with new ones at various transmission voltages. In addition, replacing the various relay panels with modern advanced microprocessor relays ensures that the power system is protected from faults and power outages and is equipped to meet modern protection philosophies. The project was carried out at various substations throughout Illinois and Missouri, aiming to improve the power system’s reliability, safety, and efficiency.


Replacing the aging oil circuit breakers with new SF6 circuit breakers has improved system reliability and safety. The SF6 circuit breakers are designed to detect and respond to faults more quickly and accurately than outdated oil circuit breakers, reducing the risk of equipment failure and power outages. The replacement of the aging transformers has also improved the energy system’s efficiency. The new transformers are designed to operate at higher MVA and better efficiencies and provide a more stable and reliable energy supply.

Our team provided project management and design services, including preparing equipment specifications and directing the installation and commissioning of the new equipment. Our experienced engineers worked closely with the construction crew to ensure that the project was completed smoothly and efficiently; with efficient outage sequence planning, we had minimal power disruption during construction.

The replacement of aging transformers with new ones has ensured that the energy system is equipped with the latest technology and capable of meeting the region’s growing energy needs. The relay panel replacement project is a comprehensive undertaking involving removing the existing relay panel and installing a new, state-of-the-art system. The project scope includes the design, engineering, procurement, and management of the installation of the new relay panel, as well as the construction support for the commissioning and testing of the new system. The new relay panel will feature advanced protection algorithms, enhanced monitoring capabilities, and improved control functions. This will result in improved reliability and efficiency of the energy system, reduced operation and maintenance costs, and improved safety for workers and the public. In addition, the new relay panel will be equipped with the latest communication technologies, allowing for remote monitoring and control, and providing real-time information about the status of various power flows at the Substation.