The 138kV Ring Bus Project



    The LUZCO T&D Line Department was responsible for the engineering to reroute two overhead 138kV transmission lines into their new positions in the rebuilt substation.   

    The design of these two line reroutes included the need for:

    • A custom-designed Steel Pole Dead-end structure, including attachments for the temporary shoo-fly, transition in a jumper from an existing conductor in one direction to a new conductor in the other direction, and an OPGW splice box.
    • New conductor, new OPGW, and new alumoweld shield wire for two of the spans from the steel pole dead-end into the new substation arbor structure.
    • A temporary shoo-fly, consisting of two temporary wood pole structures, to keep the 138kV line energized while the substation construction was being completed.
    • Modifications to existing wood pole structures, such as modifying a jumper assembly to provide flexibility during construction for both temporary jumpers to the shoo-fly and permanent jumper for ultimate configuration, and dead-ending existing shield wires.
    • Constant coordination with the substation design team for the transmission line to substation interface on required phasing configuration and materials needed for attaching to the new substation arbor structures.
    • Detailed construction documents and drawings to ensure the scope was laid out clearly for the construction supervisor and contractor, especially as there were various phases of construction for this project.



    The project team showed their resolve by overcoming many obstacles to placing this project in service. The project team seamlessly adapted to easement acquisition, weather, and material delivery delays.