Our Culture

What Sets Us Apart

LUZCO looks beyond a person’s educational and professional background when considering job candidates, and we do not shy away from work visa requirements. We house skilled engineers, non-engineers, and engineers in training from numerous countries. We seek diversity, integrity, accountability, transparency, entrepreneurship, agility, and grit. Our team is our familia. Therefore, we work tirelessly to support our familia members’ ideas and suggestions, as well as their personal growth and their work-life balance.


“LUZCO is just like a family. I don’t just come in here to get a check. I really feel connected and bound to many of my coworkers.”

Ron Gales

“LUZCO supports its employees’ growth and careers. We are working with each person to plot their career path and help them grow.”

Joyelle Gerner

“Not everyone is an engineer. We support opportunities for those who may not have a background in engineering.”

Jason Rogers


Our values are at the core of everything we do here at LUZCO.


Our sense of “familia” or family orientation is the foundation of all we do. Our family-friendly environment supports and encourages our team members’ quality of life. This sense of familia allows our diverse, innovative team to work together to overcome obstacles and provide our clients with the best solutions.


We value diversity and the perspectives of all people. We value a variety of professions with broad expertise and unique ways to approach the same problem.


Our clients are confident that whoever they contact at LUZCO, that person will own their request or issue and will provide positive and transparent communications as needed to get the job done.


We are resilient, tenacious, focused, and driven to overcome obstacles to find and execute the best solutions for our clients.


We take pride in our work – we do the right thing. We support and encourage sharing our mistakes to work together to provide the best resolution. Our job is to make the client look good. When they are successful, our task is complete. 


We are responsive and dependable. We demonstrate care for the client by paying careful attention to the details, meeting and exceeding deadlines, and handling our work’s technical parts with the highest standards of professionalism.


We adapt at the pace of our clients’ needs. Our employees can pivot when necessary to provide quality work for our clients and fellow team members.


We encourage our team to think like owners – anticipating client needs, taking appropriate risks, driving innovation, and always seeking new opportunities for LUZCO.

Join Our Team

A familia is regarded as a unit and that’s exactly what we are here at LUZCO – we are unique individuals, but we come together as one. Learn more about how you could become the newest member of our familia.