Executive Team

Christine Yount

Director of Business Development

Jason Rogers, P.M.P.

Vice President of Engineering and Professional Services

Joyelle Gerner

Director of Accounting & Human Resources

Rick Difani

Director of Program Delivery

TOM MCALLISTER wearing a Blues jersey

Tom MCAllister, P.E.

Director of Transmission & Distribution Line Engineering

Leadership Team

Paola Asmat, P.M.P

Project Manager Analyst Lead
& Distribution Project Manager

Elizabeth Klaus

Project Management Analyst Group Lead

Ramon Ligabo, P.M.P.

Operations Manager & Project Manager

Matt Klaus

Special Projects Lead

Andi Siman

Project Controls Lead

Ross Massey, P.M.P.

Transmission Project Management Lead

Harold Stanley

Senior Substation Electrical Engineer

Stevan Valladares, P.E.

Substation Engineering Lead

Drew White

Drafting Lead

Sarah Fleming

Sarah Fleming

Human Resources Manager

How LUZCO’s Leadership Team Can Help You

Our leadership team works diligently to ensure operations run smoothly and our clients receive the best results. If you are interested in working with our talented leadership team, reach out to LUZCO to discover what we can do for your next project.

“I believe diverse backgrounds, skills, and talents are critical to delivering the best outcomes for clients.”

– Lusnail Haberberger, Founder & CEO