Harold Stanley
Senior Substation Electrical Engineer

Harold has enjoyed more than 40 years of consulting experience in the generation, transmission, distribution, protection, and control of electric power. Although electric utilities have been his primary clients, he also honed his expertise in the heavy industrial and institutional sectors. This broad-based experience rounded his understanding of best practices to cost-effectively implement electric power projects. In each business sector, Harold has performed conceptual studies, procured electrical equipment, coordinated relaying, implemented breaker controls, observed installation, and directed commissioning. He has also designed generation systems, substations, and distribution systems. For electric utility clients, Harold has designed relay systems to NERC PRC standards and performed NERC compliance studies. In his early projects in the 1980’s, he designed complex relaying systems with electromechanical and solid-state analog relays. As microprocessor technology advanced in the 1990’s, he replaced hundreds of those obsolete relays and designed new systems with Basler, Beckwith, GE and SEL relays integrated with SCADA- and DCS-based control systems. At LUZCO, Harold performs quality checks and leads electrical design teams, protecting and controlling transmission, sub-transmission, and distribution substations.

LUZCO Technologies, LLC is a premier engineering firm with offices in St. Louis, Missouri (Headquarters), Kansas City, Kansas, and Rochester, New York.