Paola Asmat, P.M.P.
Project Manager Analyst Lead & Distribution Project Manager

Paola is a PMP certified Project Manager Analyst Lead and Distribution Project Manager with more than 18 years of experience leading and developing projects in the utilities and communications sector. During her first three years at LUZCO Technologies, she managed more than 25 projects, valued at over $20M, to completion – on time and within budget. In addition, she is responsible for managing the Project Management Analyst team, navigating team members through processes, procedures, and client expectations. Prior to entering the utilities industry, Paola worked in telecommunications with the first Global System for Mobile (GSM) communications operator in the Americas, leading data value-added services. Later, as a partner and alliances manager for two Fortune 500 companies, she was responsible for managing vendors’ solutions, sales quotas, and technical and business knowledge development within the company. Paola is an Electrical Engineer with a postgraduate degree in Telecom Management.

LUZCO Technologies, LLC is a premier engineering firm with offices in St. Louis, Missouri (Headquarters), Kansas City, Kansas, and Rochester, New York.