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LUZCO’s Power Delivery groups are well-versed in every facet of the electric utilities industry. We are experts in substation engineering, transmission and distribution line design, and capital expenditure management. Using their monitoring and control tools and leveraging their communication skills, our project managers have executed projects from $1M to $300M capital projects.


LUZCO’s Construction Management groups specialize in vertical construction and commercial construction. They can provide environmental reviews, assist your team with managing complex data analytics, and track milestones to keep your projects on schedule and on budget. Our schedulers work with superintendents and field personnel to update them on a real-time basis of the project’s progress.


From manufacturers to packing facilities and processing plants, many corporations understand that maintaining a competitive edge requires continuous process improvements. Our seasoned consultants can help you streamline your operations, reduce risks, eliminate errors, and improve efficiency. Our corporate consulting department has provided training for process improvements, lean concepts, and six sigma applications.

Our Expertise

LUZCO’s industry experts will strategically guide your team through each process step and help you develop innovative strategies, improve efficiency, enhance sustainability, and optimize outcomes while minimizing risks.

Our expertise extends across three core capabilities: Power Delivery, Construction Management, and Industrial & Corporate Consulting. We invite you to explore our service offerings for each capability. 

What Our Clients Say

Our team of experts understands the technicalities of engineering services and can provide exceptional project results. Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to our team.

“LUZCO always provides the best quality design engineering on any project. They always go above and beyond the scope to solve any problems and engineering difficulties that arise. We always appreciate the hard work and dedication provided to every project!”

– Alek Wegmann, Ameren

“The LUZCO team has been a valuable part of our project.  Andi is always professional, supportive, and very timely with the tasks requested of him. We would definitely team up with LUZCO again.”

– Ryan Mullaney, Sachs Electric Company

“I have no comments on any of the projects. It is obvious that you paid close attention to each CKT and its orientation and made sure to mark it up accordingly. There were quite a few CKTs on a number of the jobs. VERY IMPRESSIVE. THANKS FOR YOUR HARD WORK!”

– Aaron Sullivan

“LUZCO Technologies is a critical partner in providing engineering design and project management services to support Ameren Missouri’s Smart Energy Plan projects.”

– Warren Wood, Vice President, Regulatory and Legislative Affairs, Ameren Missouri

“The challenges facing today’s electric utilities to deliver reliable and cost-affordable service are unprecedented, so Kirkwood Electric turned to LUZCO Technologies to get the help it needed to keep the lights on without hurting its customers’ pocketbooks.”

– Mark Petty, Regulatory and Legislative Affairs, Ameren Missouri

“LUZCO has been a great team to work with on both VO and SCADA. I look forward to your group taking on more projects.”

– Alex Thompson, Ameren

We Have Worked With Some of the Top Industry Leaders

What a Boutique Engineering Firm Can Do for You

As a top engineering firm, we can assist during every step of your project. If you are interested in learning more about our capabilities, you can get in touch with our team. Contact us today to discover more about what we do at LUZCO.