34kV Distribution Line project



  • Storm hardened the line by installing composite pole structures on every fifth pole.
  • Existing substation had (seven) 34kV distribution circuits nested in a small space, all with woodpecker-damaged poles that needed composite pole replacements. Reconfigured and rerouted circuits to accommodate new switches and alignment shifts.
  • New alignment for relocating (two) 34 kV lines in dense woods; permanent access roads were required.
  • Addressed aging infrastructure and existing clearance concerns found during engineering.
  • Multiple construction schedules (Transmission, state highway, client outages, project interfaces) and print versions. Created three sets of construction prints for the different contractors/entities.
  • Creation of permitting drawings/coordination (municipal, highway, railroad, FAA).
  • Create easement exhibits for new assets and assist in acquiring the easement.
  • Designed multiple options to pass a highway and railroad (underground, overhead existing, overhead composite).
  • Completely rebuilt portion of the 34kV line adding fiber optics.



The LUZCO project team examined the existing infrastructure to identify damages and problem points. They also completed a heavy underground design to go under a highway and a railroad and reroute (2) 34kV distribution lines to make room for a new substation bay for Transmission circuits. Additionally, the team rerouted a portion of the 34kV line for state bridge construction. Finally, engineering designs were completed, and easements were obtained. Currently, the team is coordinating with different construction schedules/contractors to construct the project.