This past weekend, LUZCO celebrated its 4th birthday with a weekend-long retreat at the St. Louis West KOA. In her celebratory speech, LUZCO President Lusnail Haberberger stated: 

“Startups often struggle with growth either because of not having enough traction to get customers or because their quality gets compromised along the way. I truly believe LUZCO has been able to stay true to our values. LUZCO without [our values] – quality, customer service, honesty, responsiveness, accountability, nimbleness and grit – would have not been able to overcome so successfully the many obstacles thrown our way. Repeat business is the best compliment and an irrevocable testament of who we are.”

She went on to thank each familia member’s families for providing the support necessary for everyone to successfully perform and remain passionate about their work at LUZCO.

In its four years, LUZCO has stayed committed to diversity and inclusion. The company is now comprised of:

  • Employees from 17 different countries
  • 40% minorities
  • 33% women
  • 32% immigrants
  • 3% LGBTQ
  • 30 different educational or professional backgrounds!

Just last October, the LUZCO leadership team met to define the company’s strategy for 2021. While growth was a goal, the team did not imagine they would expand their company by 22 new hires, thus doubling their total headcount. 2021 has truly proven to be a year of growth and momentum for this boutique engineering firm.