LUZCO Technologies, LLC announces the opening of its new headquarters on January 3, 2022. The relocation to the Maplewood building is a response to the company’s rapid growth and need for additional space. Upon designing the new office, LUZCO incorporated numerous environmentally sustainable and energy-efficient features.

“We want our new office to not only be a place where we can host our business partners and showcase our capabilities, but also where we can promote environmental sustainability, energy efficiency and carbon footprint consciousness,” says Lusnail Haberberger, the founder and president of LUZCO Technologies, LLC. “Most of all, we want our headquarters to be where we can bring our children and, with pride, show them the impact we are making in our society.”The new LUZCO building uses T5 lamps, LED sources, low-power factor electronic ballasts, and low-mercury sources to achieve a 25% reduction in lighting energy. The primary lighting fixtures integrate holographic lenses and high-efficiency reflectors. The 10% up-light gives the perception of a lighted ceiling, while directing 90% of the light to the working plane. In addition, motion sensors were installed throughout the office to reduce lighting energy when spaces are unoccupied. 

LUZCO’s HVAC system has been zoned by orientation and differentiating interior – versus perimeter zones – to provide comfort and reduce energy consumption. Furthermore, the building’s white roof reflects solar energy, thus reducing the energy required to cool ventilation air. This roof will reduce office cooling loads in the summer by 30%. 

Additionally, the Maplewood location utilizes low-flow faucets, urinals and water closets to achieve a 42% reduction in water usage, in comparison to an office space of the same size that is not equipped with water-saving devices. Low-flow devices with automatic operating features provide enhanced savings with reduced maintenance.

Every LUZCO equipment and appliance is Energy Star rated. This includes the data network, laptops, monitors, docking stations, displays, copy machine, plotter, refrigerators, microwaves, dishwasher, water fountain and ice maker.

LUZCO maintained over 90% of the existing office space. This includes twelve offices, the cubicle area, the copy/plotter room, the large conference room, the IT room, the mothers’ room, and the community room. Only the kitchen area was reconfigured and completely remodeled. The entire raised floor system was reutilized, as was 100% of the power wiring underneath.

Recycled materials were used in the construction of the new office. The carpet installed was manufactured in a carbon-neutral facility, using 40% recycled materials. The ceiling tiles are made of 39% recycled materials, and the door frames are made from 64% recycled materials. Other recycled materials applied include countertops, cabinets and laminate flooring. Moreover, LUZCO’s Maplewood space is furnished with 98% used, reclaimed and repurposed furniture. 

To regard employee safety, cleaning chemicals used in the office are stored in the janitor’s closet, which is directly exhausted to the outdoors. A walk-off mat is located at the main entrance to reduce the amount of contaminants tracked into the office interior.

Lastly, the new LUZCO location is situated within close proximity to the Maplewood MetroLink station and the Deer Creek Greenway. For this reason, both interior and exterior bicycle storage racks were installed. Within a ½ mile of the office, there are numerous businesses, parks and public facilities that support sustainable lifestyles.

About LUZCO Technologies, LLC 

LUZCO Technologies, LLC was launched in 2017 with just two employees. Today, the company employs a team of 54 and specializes in Environmental Engineering services in addition to Transmission and Distribution Line services, Value Engineering/Project Management services and Substation Engineering services. LUZCO continues to seek additional staff to help meet increasing project demands.To learn more about LUZCO Technologies, LLC, please go to: