The holidays can be a trying time for many families in the St. Louis community. Mission: St. Louis created the Affordable Christmas event to provide under-resourced families the ability to shop for gifts at drastically reduced prices. Families must register in advance and shopping may be done virtually or in-person.

Yesterday, LUZCO participated in a company-wide volunteer afternoon to help Mission: St Louis prepare for this holiday event. Employees shopped for toys to stock the Affordable Christmas shop, sorted the toys by type, assembled them, tagged them for sale at reduced prices of $1-$4, and wrapped the gifts. In addition to their time, the LUZCO familia also donated an impressive collection of toys, books, puzzles, games, clothing, accessories and electronics.

The Affordable Christmas in-person event will be held on Saturday, December 11 at Mission: St. Louis. The event includes a hot breakfast, Christmas crafts, carolers and a Christmas photographer.

Mission: St. Louis

Mission: St. Louis aims to “empower individuals for social and economic growth through relationship and opportunity.” This incredible organization is working hard to help break the cycle of poverty in the St. Louis region. To learn more, go to: