Congratulations are in store for LUZCO familia member Carlos Cruz. We couldn’t be more proud of his accomplishments!

In 2019, Carlos left his industrial engineering job at Mexico’s largest steel company and moved to the US with his beautiful wife and daughters. Upon his arrival in St. Louis, Carlos was determined to alleviate cultural and language barriers and enrolled in Adult Education & Literacy courses at Jefferson College.

He attended classes three evenings a week at first, then during the pandemic, continued with virtual classes. In addition to his coursework, he sought guidance from volunteer helper Tony Summers – with whom he still meets weekly – and other resources, including podcasts and YouTube tutorials. He accomplished all of this, while working diligently as a Project Manager at LUZCO Technologies, LLC. Although his time with his family was limited while he was enrolled in the Adult Education program, Carlos wanted his daughters to learn from his drive for personal growth.

Cruz has now received his English Language Learner Program certificate and is a Jefferson College graduate after 20 months of hard work. His drive and dedication are truly commendable. Felicitations!