Nandu Balachandran, P.E.
Director of Substation Engineering

Nandu Balachandran, a licensed P.E., has substantial experience in Protection and Controls, working on electric utility substation project design and execution. His experience involves multiple utilities across US, such as Entergy, Pacific Gas and Electric and Ameren, and expanding over several US states (LA, AR, MS, TX, CA, MO, IL, etc.). His expertise is in project design, quality checking, team management and support in all phases of the life cycle of a project in all major voltage classes up to 500kV. His experience also spans across evaluating and upgrading industrial power systems, including setting up, configuring, and testing equipment and creating test plans for utility devices, which include working with design, simulation, and modeling of electrical utility substations with Real Time Simulators. He earned his Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering-Power Systems with a thesis research on optimizing of electric power systems with optimal power flow and optimization of distributed energy resource on an Electric Utility Transactive Energy Framework.

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